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Thin Stem Natural Edge Goblet from a Limb


I will show you my technique for turning a thin stem natural edge goblet from a green limb approximately 1½” – 2 ½ ”dia. I will show the simple technique I use to turn a thin stem natural edge goblet from a green limb using mostly a 1/2" or 5/8" side ground bowl gouge. Learn limb selection, pith orientation and how I stabilize thin stems. Also tips on finishing and drying to help avoid cracking



Thin and Green!

Natural Edge Wing Bowl from a Half Log or Crotch Section


I will demonstrate how I turn one of my thin natural edge wing bowl from a green log or crotch section. Design and layout considerations regarding limb orientation, crotch figure, keeping or eliminating features or flaws in the wood will be covered. The basics of bevel-supported cuts along with two of the most important fundamentals of turning - sharp tools and good tool control will be emphasized. Turning thin allows the wood to warp and move which influences the final piece and helps avoid cracking



Natural Edge End-Grain Vase


I will be turning a natural edge end grain vase from a green log using a side ground bowl gouge and the Rolly Munro Hollower.  I will explain limb selection, pith orientation, drying and finishing to help avoid cracking. I will cover the differences of cutting end-grain verses side-grain and discuss different end-grain hollowing methods


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Note the Bead and Cove Detail!

​​​​​​​Twice Turned Vase or Bowl with Decorated Rim Detail from a Log

This is a challenging project which requires everything from basic spindle work to good tool control on interrupted cuts. We will turn a vase from a log which is first turned long grain (spindle orientation) to put beads or cove decoration around the log.  The log will then be repositioned to side grain orientation to shape the vase or bowl form. The bead/cove decoration now becomes a rim detail around the rim of the vase or bowl

Square to round Bowls, Vases and Hollow Forms

Learn the process I use to create a bowl or vase, which is square on top and tapers to round at the bottom. Starting with a square or rectangular blank that has been prepared on a bandsaw to taper the sides, the remaining exterior corners will be turned leaving the four tapered sides previously cut on the band saw, then the interior of the bowl or vase will be turned into the square top

Square Wing plate from a 2x6


I will be turning a small square wing plate from a 2 x 6. Emphasizing the two most important fundamentals of turning, sharp tools and good tool control I will cover the basics of bevel supported verses non-bevel supported cuts. This is great practice with cheap materials and will help you improve your technique on interrupted cuts, which helps achieve a clean smooth finish from the tool


Natural Edge wing plater with Carved Feet

I will show you how I turn one of my natural edge wing platters with carved feet from a crotch section. Emphasizing the two most important fundamentals of turning, sharp tools, and good tool control.  I will cover the basics of bevel supported verses non-bevel supported cuts. This should help you improve your technique on interrupted cuts, which will help you achieve a clean smooth finish from the tool

ABC‘s of Bowl Turning (morning) &  XYZ’s of Bowl Turning  (afternoon)

We will first turn a shallow flat rim bowl then progress onto turning a natural edge bowl. Discussions on the correct sharpening of the side ground bowl gouge and the two different bevel angles I use (60 & 40 degrees). Students will be encouraged to concentrate on good tool technique.

Building on the correct bowl gouge techniques learned in the morning session students will improve on these to do more advanced bowl shapes such as closed form bowls, thin walled bowls, Calabash round bottom and elongated wing style bowls

What Students are Saying About Rudy...

NMWT AAW Chapter Albuquerque - 6-2020


Rudy is an excellent presenter, his demonstration was filled with excellent advice, turning techniques, tool control and Turning!  With the Cameras rolling in his beautiful Tampa woodshop we received a birdseye view of each step in the process of his turning.  Our AAW Chapter chose the topic(s) to view from the convenience of our home computer screens!   All of the participants loved the new Virtual Presentation Platform.  From the detailed informatioin to prepare, worksheets that lay out the plans for the projects and his open, enthuastic style lit a fire for these projects and to work on improving our skill levels!  We look forward to the day Rudy can return to New Mexico and fill our classroom for days!  

Greg and I have taken several group turning classes with other very well-known and accomplished wood-turners to increase our skills, all the classes have been good and we learned a lot from each class; however, none compare to the one-on-one attention we received from Rudy taking a class in his home workshop.  Rudy is patient and has  thoughtful explanations for helping you improve.  The projects we worked on during our three-day class exponentially improved our skills.  Rudy helped us with our tool sharpening skills too.  We were both very happy with our progress and had a blast learning.  At the end of the three-day class, I really did not want it to end.   Beside the great instruction, Rudy is a good cook and fed us well.  His home and workshop are in a beautiful setting.

BTW, we did buy a Grex sander.  Have not had time to use it yet, but I am excited to have it.  We did buy a couple of new gigs for sharpening too. We can sharpen now and get good consistent results.

I did one practice bowl when we got home and was doing well until I cut right thru the bottom.  But I was pleased with the results I was getting until that point, so I am feeling confident.   Thank you for great time and excellent instruction, we really enjoyed our time with you!

Best,  Angie & Greg Danner

I am the guy from the Monday seminar here in Springfield, at The Boys Ranch.  I  needed to let you know that I now approach woodturning in a whole new way thanks to all that I learned from you.  To say that I benefitted from the event would be a huge understatement. It is awesome to finally understanding just what I can do with my Irish Grind bowl gouge, the day was wonderful for me. 

I sincerely  thank you for everything. I figure that what I will save in tools that I no longer need alone more than paid for my participation.  For this my wife also says thank you. Again, thanks for everything. 

If you are ever in the area, feel free to drop by anytime.      Mark Hannum

01 : Decorated Rim Winged Bowl

02 : Thin Stemmed Goblet

03 : Square to Round Vase

04 : Winged Bowl from a Crotch

05 : The Basic Bowl

06 : Other Thingy